“If you tried and tried but could not conceive or you are so stressed because of miscarriage you experienced” you should call us on (949)522-5033 for help. Infertility is a life crisis affecting all aspects of your life and you may feel frustrated and stressed, all these feelings are normal. Surprisingly, fertility issues are very common, studies showed every one of six couples need help to conceive. Most commonly, in these situations, it is right time for you to come to see us:

  • You are a woman and you already tried for one year to conceive (or 6 months if you are 35 years old or above);
  • You have experienced more than one miscarriage;
  • You have medical histories of endometriosis, ovarian surgeries, family histories of early menopause, which potentially can compromise your ovarian reserve and make conceiving difficult for you.
  • You are single or a same sex couple who want to build your family with sperm donation or egg donation with gestational surrogacy.
  • We are looking forward to talking to you and answering your questions.

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