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If infertility or underlying medical problems make it too risky for you to become pregnant, you could benefit from the surrogate pregnancy services Fangyin Meng, MD, PhD, offers at her office in Newport Beach, California. Dr. Meng specializes in assisting women, same-sex couples, and single parents to achieve healthy, successful pregnancies using surrogates. To find out if surrogate pregnancy is right for you, book an appointment online or call the office of Fangyin Meng, MD, PhD, today.

Surrogate Pregnancy Q&A

What is surrogate pregnancy?

Surrogate pregnancy involves implanting an embryo in a woman who isn’t biologically related to the child. Implanting the embryo is done as part of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments.

The embryo Dr. Meng creates for implantation will use your eggs and the sperm of your partner or donor materials.

Instead of implanting the embryo into your uterus after the incubation period, Dr. Meng implants them into the uterus of a healthy surrogate carrier.

When should I consider surrogate pregnancy?

You might choose a surrogate pregnancy if you’re unable to carry your child because of underlying medical conditions, untreatable infertility, or due to recurrent implantation failure.

Dr. Meng can also assist with a surrogate pregnancy to help same-sex couples and single parents who want a biological child.

Surrogate pregnancy is an option if you can’t carry a pregnancy to term but don’t want a genetic link between your child and the surrogate.

What’s involved in surrogate pregnancy?

To help you find an eligible surrogate, Dr. Meng works with you and your attorney to identify the right gestational carrier to serve as your surrogate. You can expect to follow through with all necessary legal requirements and responsibilities before the start of IVF treatments.

During your IVF treatment, Dr. Meng will harvest your eggs and collect a sperm sample from your male partner to fertilize your eggs. If you or your partner are experiencing infertility problems or if you’re a single parent, she can assist you in using donor eggs, sperm, or embryos.

The fertilization process takes place in a medical lab. When the embryo is ready for implantation, Dr. Meng uses a syringe to place the embryos into the surrogate’s uterus for implantation.

Your surrogate will carry the baby to term. When the baby is born, you have full, legal custody of the child.

If you’re considering a surrogate pregnancy, schedule a consultation to discuss your options. Call the office of Fangyin Meng, MD, PhD, today or schedule a consultation using the online booking feature.