Females will take oral or injectable medications to help egg growth. Ultrasound with or without blood work will be performed to monitor egg development. Egg ovulation is induced when egg(s) is(are) close to mature. Then timed intercourse or IUI is followed to achieve pregnancy.

  •  with unexplained infertility
  • women with irregular ovulation or not ovulating
  • Women with PCOS
  • Couples with mild male factor infertility

Your doctor will monitor your egg development. When you are close to releasing an egg or eggs, male partner’s sperms or donor’s sperms will be washed and concentrated. Then washed sperms are placed directly in your uterus hoping sperms can swim through your patent fallopian tubes to fertilize a waiting egg. Obviously, at least, you need to have at least one patent fallopian tube.

1. Using donor sperm, such as single women, LBTQ couples.
2. Endometriosis.
3. Mild male factor couples.
4. Female partner does not have regular ovulation, such as PCOS, anovulation.
5. Using frozen sperms because male partner is out of town, or not available for other reasons.

Patients will receive a small amount of injectable medication and oral meds for ovarian stimulation. This protocol is used for females who have limited AFC. Less medication lowers the cost of treatment. Most patients who fit to mini stim IVF need more than one cycle. Ministim IVF with 3 cycles package can significantly reduce patients financial burden. Please call us on (949)3364956 for details.