Proud Partner of Ovation Fertility

Our practice is proud to partner with Ovation® Fertility Newport Beach for all of our IVF laboratory services. Through Ovation, we give our patients priority access to a comprehensive suite of services to enhance their fertility treatment, from andrology testing to IVF services; genetic testing; donor eggs; surrogacy; and storage of frozen eggs, sperm and embryos.

About Ovation Fertility

Founded in 2015 by a collaboration of thought-leading reproductive endocrinologists and scientists, Ovation® is an IVF services company that is committed to advancing the standard of care in fertility treatment, while reducing the average cost of having a family through IVF.

As one of the top five IVF service providers in the United States, Ovation brings hope to families by applying the latest advances in reproductive science, through a unique, nationwide collaboration of compassionate clinicians and scientists driven to exceed patients’ expectations of outcomes and value.


Ovation Fertility Newport Beach
361 Hospital Rd, Suite 433
Newport Beach, CA 92663
(949) 642-595

A Single Source for IVF Services

The highest-quality IVF lab services. Working as a collaborative team, Ovation’s scientists produce more research and have greater insight into what scientific techniques work best to help you achieve your family-building goals. Data prove that Ovation scientists and clinicians achieve better outcomes, with fewer instances of multiple pregnancy, than the vast majority of independent providers.

Genetic testing. Ovation provides carrier screening for egg donors and hopeful parents to identify risk of passing on genetic disorders to future children, as well as preimplantation genetic testing to ensure that embryos created through IVF are chromosomally normal and/or free of specific genetic defects.

Storage. Fertility Storage Solutions by Ovation provides both on-site cryostorage at our local Ovation IVF lab and long-term storage at a secure cryobank facility in Nevada. Designed and managed by experienced Ovation scientists, this program provides the strongest protections for eggs, sperm and embryos. Learn more at

For all Ovation fertility care services, financing is available to assist you.

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