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Words cannot describe my admiration and appreciation for Dr. Meng. After having a successful first pregnancy at the age of 41 via IVF, I was confident we would have no trouble with baby number 2. Instead, I had 2 failed genetically tested embryo transfers after having an additional egg retrieval. Because of my age I always did genetic testing, so even with a high graded "perfect" embryo, i was not having success or any answers from my original fertility doctor. I immediately decided to seek another specialist after my second failed transfer.


My husband and I interviewed several doctors. Some were hesitant to even have a consultation with me because I refused to use an egg donor. Then I met Dr. Meng, the first female fertility doctor I knew of with an MD and PhD. After meeting Dr. Meng I felt a new sense of hope. She is generous with her time and has an incredible bedside manner-- something I had not experienced before. I walked away feeling like she would do everything in her power to find out why I was not getting pregnant and help me become a mom for the second time. I did my third egg retrieval with Dr. Meng and had 2 "perfect" embryos back from genetic testing. Unfortunately my first embryo transfer with Dr. Meng failed, but she continued to research and consult with other doctors. We also did every test possible to find out why I was not getting pregnant. This past summer Dr. Meng suggested we try an experimental treatment that proved to have success in other patients. I am overjoyed to now be 14 weeks pregnant at the age of 45 with my own egg.


We feel so blessed to have had this amazing experience with Dr. Meng and the entire medical/support staff at CCRM. I cannot say enough about how supported I felt my entire time in her care. She is a generous doctor who truly loves what she does and makes miracles happen!


Words cannot begin to describe the gratitude and respect I have for this physician. I've been undergoing fertility treatments in FL with no luck or success for several years. I then decided to interview 7 doctors and have phone consultations before selecting Dr. Meng. When I arrived to CA, she showed me such compassion, dedication, professionalism and commitment to getting me pregnant. She is a human first and foremost, and she genuinely cares about her patients and has their absolute best interest in mind. She communicates well and she is always there to answer your questions and deliver updates on the treatment and process. She understands what patients need when undergoing such invasive procedures. She is an amazing doctor and the only one who got me pregnant after years of challenges at other clinics. She personally does all of the ultrasounds and meets you on your visits. I highly recommend Dr. Meng to any woman looking to do IVF or any other fertility treatment. Dr. Meng will go above and beyond to make this happen for you.


Knowing Dr. Meng is one of the luckiest things in my life. Since the idea of having a second child, I have done a lot of related tests in domestic hospitals, but most doctors have given suggestions for surrogacy, which is something I can't accept. I met Dr. Meng through a friend's introduction. After sending the domestic inspection report, we made an appointment to call and learned some basic information about me. After combining the inspection report, she gave me suggestions that made me feel hopeful. No surrogacy is needed. I made an appointment for the first consultation and gave me a lot of professional advice and preparations.


At the first face-to-face consultation, Dr. Meng felt very kind and answered our N questions with great patience, which relieved our doubts. I started the first cycle in full confidence. During this period, Dr. Meng communicated with me from time to time, not only medically, but also encouraged me from time to time, and I am very happy to be alone in the United States. The egg retrieval operation went smoothly, and then began the most painstaking wait and expectation. During this period, Dr. Meng often communicated with me about the progress. I was lucky to have an embryo that passed PGS/PGD in one cycle. Everything after that has become natural. I had a transplant in February and got pregnant smoothly. Although the road ahead is long, I believe everything will be better. Believing and choosing Dr. Meng is the best choice.


Before I knew Dr. Meng, I searched all the IVF centers in California and started my first IVF in the best IVF center with the best IVF doctor( Per the online comments) when I was 40 years old. Unfortunately, I failed twice without reason and the IVF center recommended that I use the Donner's egg if I still want to be a mom. This suggestion just likes a death penalty to me and my family,I was too desperate to sleep. During one of my sleepless nights, one of Dr. Meng's interview videos appeared on my Youtube screen coincidently! What she expressed in the interview included her profound medical knowledge, her unique philosophy of being an independent wise woman through family planning as well as her passionate personality made me sense the hope and brightness of life suddenly ! I called Dr. Meng and described my situation especially my 2 failed cases in the previous IVF center and I asked her in a lower voice because I was still feeling so shameful and powerless due to the failed IVF experience: "Do you think I still have chance to be a mom and would you like to accept me as your patient? " . She responded to me assertively and undoubtedly: "of course I am happy to meet you, don't give up easily!" Her confident voice lifted me up from the depression!


Before I went to the first appointment, my brother, a pharmacy professional, did a lot of research on Dr. Meng's education and training background to help me make a better decision. We found Dr. Meng earned her PhD degree in the best medicine university in China and she was trained in a highly credential hospital in New York which my brother had worked before! During appointment with Dr. Meng, we prepared a long list of questions regarding my failed cases as well as the general IVF questions, Dr. Meng answered our questions with detailed clinical data and evidence based practice research results without any hesitation or unsureness! As a professional nurse for 22 years, I knew how strong and excellent academic and clinical background Dr. Meng has!


During my following treatments, Dr. Meng designed the personalized IVF plan based on my situation. She and her assistant Abby/RN as well as the entire IVF team, explained all the plans, procedures, medications, rationality, evidence-based clinical data patiently, thoroughly and considerately at every single time! Meanwhile, I have the access to reach their help at any time by phone, email or message! Dr. Meng's clinical skills are so professional and gentle, I felt ZERO pain with 2 egg retrievals and no medication side effects with all her IVF prescriptions! Finally,I got a total of 3 embryos passed the PGS test at an age of 42! This is absolute MIRACLE for me and my family!


To prepare the transfer, Dr. Meng did a lot of research to rule out risks which could cause my unexplained failed transfer in the previous IVF center. She was so smart and solid in her practice and she figured out I had the recessive endometriosis which could decrease the success transfer rate from 70% to 20%! She designed another plan to treat my endometriosis before the embryo transfer. From then on, I fully understood why Dr. Meng was so confident and successful! That's not only because of her knowledge and skills, but also her strong sense of responsibilities being a physician, unlimited compassion to her patients/families plus her endless enthusiasm to challenge all medical problems!


When the transfer date came, I felt so relaxed because I knew Dr. Meng was the best IVF doctor with the best knowledge and skills as well as the highest responsibilities I could find in California! With such a strong belief in Dr. Meng, another miracle came right after my 42th birthday, I got pregnant with my own egg! I cried when Dr. Meng told me this unbelievable news because I never forgot I was sentenced with "death penalty" to become a mom by another great doctor just few months ago! Dr. Meng, she is the ONE released me from that death penalty! She is the miracle-maker, the angel bringing the miracle babies and inexplicable joys to people's lives!


The IVF patients and their families experience countless stress, anxiety as well as the emotional or physical crisis. A great IVF doctor, more than medical knowledge, professional skills, responsibilities, compassion, they must have a listening ear, a warm and willing heart to feel the patient/family's pain/stress/joy etc., effective interpersonal communication skills as well as the positive attitude and powerful charisma to inspire people's lives . Dr. Meng is fully equipped with all of these characters and she changed and influenced my life as a doctor and my spiritual mentor more than I can say. I hope more people and families could get to know the wonderful Dr. Meng through my story and my sharing. Dr. Meng deserves all your trust and she always tries her best to make your dreams and miracles come true!


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